Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Shop before dark and with a friend.

Shopping with kids? Teach them to go to a store clerk if they get separated from you, and to NEVER leave the store/mall if they become separated from you. Children should never be permitted to go to the parking lot by themselves or stay in the car alone.

Stay alert and be aware of what�s happening around you.

Be aware of con games this time of the year � People wanting to share �found� money, selling merchandise out of their vehicles, etc.

Avoid carrying large sums of money. Only carry money/credit cards that you will need during your shopping trip. Carry your money/credit cards in separate pockets.

If you carry a purse, keep it on the shoulder that faces the stores, keeping one hand on your purse if possible. This prevents someone from running up beside you and snatching your purse. Do not wear your purse across your chest, serious injury can occur if someone tries to snatch your purse.

When using public washrooms and store dressing rooms, try to avoid putting your purse on hooks, the floor or door handles.

While shopping, do not leave purses and wallets in the grocery cart or shopping basket.

Condense your shopping bags into bags from less expensive stores.

Limit the number of purchases at one time, take packages to your vehicle and put them out of sight, preferably inside your trunk. Then, MOVE YOUR VEHICLE before returning to the store/mall to continue shopping. As far as a thief is concerned, you have left the area.