Official campus addresses do make a difference
Ever experienced problems with mail or parcels delivered to you on campus? Have you ever wondered why this happens? If you answered �yes,� there�s a good answer: official campus addresses.

Use your official campus address or run the risk of having problems receiving items you are expecting.

The University of Houston has a unique zip code of 77204. This zip code was issued by the United States Postal Service in 1988.

In 2001, the university decided to assign new addresses to each college/department including a zip+4 which also functions as an internal mailcode. These addresses and mailcodes are assigned by UH Postal Services.

The buildings on campus that are located on one of the four city streets surrounding the campus were assigned addresses utilizing the street names. The buildings within the interior of the campus were assigned �street addresses� using building names. The current campus address listing can always be located on the UH Printing and Postal Services web page at by looking under Quick Links and clicking on Campus Addresses/Mailcodes. Open the Excel spreadsheet. The listings are in alphabetical order by college and department.

UH Postal Services have worked diligently with UPS and FedEx to provide them with the updated campus addresses whenever new departments are added or when moves occur. The correct addressing format is listed below and should be used for all incoming USPS mail and overnight delivery items:

INDIVIDUAL�S NAME (given name and not a nickname)
OFFICIAL CAMPUS ADDRESS (from campus address list)
HOUSTON, TX 77204-_ _ _ _

This is especially important to remember when utilizing your P-card to order items via telephone or online. People have a tendency to include their own room/office numbers in their delivery instructions instead of the delivery location in their official campus address. Many people also use:

4800 CALHOUN ROAD Room # (fill in the blank)
Houston TX 77004

The above address should be utilized for directional purposes only � locating the campus using a GPS or MapQuest, etc.). All of these incorrect addresses cause confusion for the person performing the delivery and it also causes you added expense if the items are returned and have to be re-delivered. Both UPS and FedEx charge $10 for every package that is addressed incorrectly and is then submitted for a re-delivery. There was one recent incident where a department had 20 boxes with incorrect addresses and they received a $200 invoice for the redelivery fees.

There are more than 5,000 faculty and staff on the central campus and only 401 official campus addresses. If everyone is aware of the correct addressing procedures for the campus and follows the correct addressing format, then missing deliveries can become a thing of the past.

Direct all questions concerning official campus addresses to Sally J. Rowland-Ketley, Director of UH Printing and Postal Services. She can be reached at 713-743-5824 or by email at