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Successful Exit Strategy Campaign

The �Have an Exit Strategy� campaign has come to a close in regards to a large scale campaign but the work of the Fire Marshals will remain. As the State Fire Marshal�s campaign is coming to a close, the results of the campaign are being shared with the participating campuses. In a recent report from the Texas State Fire Marshal�s Office, the University of Houston rated the top in both surveys with regard to the actual results and participation. When you happen to see that sign at the end of the hallway or that doorhanger displayed on your door, know that someone who cares about your safety has placed it there. Take a minute, read the information and remember to always have more than one exit in mind when you enter a building.

While the �Have an Exit Strategy� program places a strong emphasis on our campus residents, it is also critically important for all students, faculty and staff to develop their own plans. Please contact the Fire Marshal�s Office directly at x31635 for assistance in exit strategy planning or for information concerning the classes that are offered. The Fire Marshal�s Office also has a website at where you can find information on the Office and view the recent addition of a campus map showing all AED�s located on the campus.