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April 2009
December 2010

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Construction continues on the campus beautification and landscaping project. Funded by Ike damage insurance funds, improvements include the removal of trees and plantings damaged by Hurricane Ike and new landscape plantings and repair/replacement of irrigation systems to support those plantings. Special considerations are being given to the central E. Cullen plaza area, the east perimeter along Spur 5 and University Drive. Damaged trees were removed in July and August. Irrigation repair and new plantings are well underway.

Entrance 14 has been completed with a renewed irrigation system and mass plantings of Red Knockout Roses and Asian Jasmine. On the west end of University at the �turn around� construction of a low granite wall has been started. This wall will match other granite walls at entries around the campus perimeter. Additional improvements to this area include sidewalks and plantings around the large median in front of E. Cullen. Mass plantings of Red Knockout Roses and Asian Jasmine will extend from E. Cullen along the length of the University Drive medians east to the university entry.

There are new plantings along Cullen around the Moores School of Music and Science and Engineering. Extensive irrigation repairs are almost completed in the E. Cullen plaza area and watch this week as large areas of new plantings are being installed. There will also be additions to the Dena and Guy Lewis Azalea Garden at the corner Cullen and Elgin.

Tree plantings will start soon along Spur 5, University and Wheeler. Large, 100 gallon container, Live Oak will replace damaged trees that were previously removed. Trees that were blown crooked in the storm will be dug up and straightened, in place, with a tree spade.

Concurrent with this project, the trees from Scott Street that were in the path of future Metro improvements have been moved. These mature Live Oaks now line the medians of University Drive and Calhoun Street.

This project is being installed by Landscape Art, a Houston-area commercial landscape contractor. The large trees from Scott Street were relocated by Environmental Design. Drawings were prepared by Clark Condon Associates, Landscape Architects. The project is being managed by UH staffer, Thomas Doyle and Neal Smith. Matt Theron, UH skilled trades, has been an invaluable help with his campus irrigation expertise.

This project is scheduled to be completed by mid-January 2011. We are moving right along toward becoming a Tier One University!