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Payroll News
By Carla Ponzio

Last Monthly Paycheck for 2010

For those of you who start working on your taxes early, don�t forget to print your Dec. 1, 2010 paycheck. The Dec. 1, 2010 paycheck is the last monthly paycheck issued in 2010 and can be viewed and printed in P.A.S.S. at Once you log in select the Payroll Information link, then View Paycheck. You will be prompted for a password when you select the print option. The password is your date of birth in the following format: MMDDYYYY (no dashes). This paycheck shows your total 2010 pay, deductions, taxes and contribution amounts in the YTD (year to date) columns. The check is available to view and print now until Dec. 15, 2010 at which time we will be finalizing the December paycheck which is paid Jan. 3, 2011. After Dec. 15, 2010 the YTD (year to date) balances in P.A.S.S. will not be displayed on the Dec. 1 paycheck due to PeopleSoft design.

December 2010 Payroll Schedule

Please check your December payroll schedule. We have a short month because of the holidays and back to back payrolls the second and third week of December. Please view the calendar to make sure timesheets are turned in on time to meet the deadlines. The calendar is on the finance web pages at

Insurance Deductions for New Employees

New employees who will have met the 90-day waiting period and have their first insurance deductions on Dec. 1, 2010, please be sure to view your paycheck to verify your Insurance Elections are reflected correctly. Your insurance coverage elections can be viewed in P.A.S.S. at Select the Benefits link, then the Benefits Summary link.

Have You Changed Addresses in 2010?

If you moved in 2010, please log into P.A.S.S. at and update your address information. This will help us at W-2 time to be sure that your W-2 makes it to the right address. Select the Personal Information Summary, scroll to the address section and update your address.