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Urban Harvest celebrated their blossoming relationship with the University of Houston, presenting the Cougars with the Community Partner Award on Saturday, Nov. 6. After UH went to the organization for assistance in building a campus community garden, the partnership has continued to evolve.

The Community Partner Award recognizes an institution that significantly contributed in the past year as an official or unofficial partner in Urban Harvest�s pursuit of its mission. Members of the UH University Services first became acquainted with Urban Harvest when they attended a class on starting a community garden in the summer of 2009. The following fall, Urban Harvest was in need of a better space for its gardening classes. An agreement was made and the partnership began. UH provided space for the classrooms and in return, Urban Harvest would serve as the consultant for the Campus Community Garden.

�The University of Houston has repeatedly responded to our needs, and we hope to continue to nurture this partnership,� said Gary Edmondson, Urban Harvest�s Director of Education.

Aside from helping UH design and build the campus community garden, Urban Harvest invited members of the University Services staff to participate in a panel discussion on sustainability. UH frequently invites Urban Harvest to participate in environmental events on campus such as Green UH Day and Earth Week. For the first time, UH will host Urban Harvest�s 11th Annual Fruit Tree Sale at Robertson Stadium on Jan. 15.
The ceremony to honor UH and other contributors to the Urban Harvest mission was held during the 18th Annual Harvest Celebration at the United Way Center. The pot luck lunch and awards ceremony gave community gardens and outdoor classrooms at schools and youth centers the opportunity to thank their hardworking volunteers and staff for keeping their gardens going.

�The harvest celebration is also used to recognize the endeavors of individuals and organizations who have significantly contributed to any of our three programs,� Edmondson said.

Urban Harvest�s mission is to promote �healthy communities, sound nutrition and respect for the environment by educating children and adults and facilitating harvest and habitat gardens.� They have three farmers markets throughout Houston offering locally-produced vegetables as well as offer programs on gardening and youth education as well as classes and information on starting community gardens.

�UH and Urban Harvest have a common mission of providing service through education,� said Maria Honey, University Services Marketing Manager. �By supporting each other�s programs, and growing the partnership, we will be able to sustain and enhance the services we provide our community.�

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