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Are you a faculty or staff member at the University of Houston? Do you eat at the all-you-care-to-eat dining halls at least once a week? Are you paying with a credit card or cash because you don�t have a meal plan? If so, you�re wasting hard-earned money.

With a meal plan from UH Dining Services you could save up to $2.66 per meal at Real Food on Campus in Oberholtzer Hall or Fresh Food Company in Moody Towers. In addition, meal plans are payroll deductible and deposited directly onto your Cougar Card, so there�s no need to carry extra cards or cash to the dining halls.

�I signed up for my meal plan after my first meal at the Fresh Food Company,� says Eric Holamon, customer service manager with Parking and Transportation Services. �With the variety of options on their menu I know I am not going to be eating the same thing every day. Plus, when you factor in the savings from buying a meal plan, it�s a better value than you�ll find anywhere else, and in my opinion, a superior product. It�s also nice to know in advance that my meals are paid for, and because it�s taken out before I see my check I don�t miss it.�

The different options for meal plans are:
� Block 5 � 5 meals per month - $30 per month, plus tax
� Block 10 � 10 meals per month - $55 per month, plus tax
� Block 15 (Best Value) � 15 meals per month - $80 per month, plus tax
� All Cougar Cash � increments of $25

You can also add Cougar Cash to your Cougar Card to get a bit more variety in your options. Cougar Cash can be used at the food courts in the UC and the UC Satellite as well as several other retail locations on campus. For a full listing, download a campus dining map at

To purchase a meal plan, visit the Cougar Card office in the Welcome Center Parking Garage. For more information about meal plans, visit or call 832-842-9053.