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Horse on Campus

When an Officer comes to work they never know what the day will bring. Working hard to keep the campus safe is their main goal and makes the job very rewarding. Our Officers have seen lots of unusual things over the years. Their experiences with animals are often spent finding homes for the many dogs and cats that are found on campus along with finding a safe place for the many ducklings that are born near our campus ponds. One thing they never thought they would see was a horse tied up to a light pole near McElhinney.

A student couldn�t get his car started this particular morning so he decided to ride his horse to make sure he got to class on time for his test. Now that�s dedication.

The horse spent a few hours at the Department of Public Safety awaiting the return of its owner; the Police Officers wanted to make sure the horse was safe until the owner came back to retrieve him. There is a consensus that he preferred the lush grass of the McElhinney lawn over the sally port.