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Improvements to Employee Reimbursements

The following services are now available to all UH System employees to make reimbursements faster and easier:

1. Employees can use P.A.S.S. to enter or update their bank information to receive direct deposit payments through Accounts Payable (AP).
    a. The employee's bank information is immediately transferred to their vendor file in the UHS Finance System, so that future payments through AP will be by direct deposit instead of check.
    b. The employee must be setup as a vendor in the UHS Finance System to enter/update bank information in P.A.S.S. Employees who are not already vendors, can complete the UHS Individual Setup Form and fax it to the Vendor ID group at 713-743-0521.
    c. Changes to bank information for AP direct deposit have no effect on payroll direct deposit or vice versa.

Below is a screenshot of the Accounts Payable Information page in P.A.S.S.

2. Employees can use P.A.S.S. to lookup previous AP payments (both checks and direct deposits) to themselves.

    a. Payment inquiry will default to the last 90 days, but can be changed to as far back as September 1, 2001.
    b. Click on the links to drill down to voucher information, including voucher comments.
3. Employees will receive an automated email when they enter/update bank information in P.A.S.S. The email sender and subject line will be as follows:

Subject: Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Update

4. Employees will receive an automated email when they receive an AP direct deposit (not for checks). The email sender and subject line will be as follows:

Subject: Notice of Non-Payroll Direct Deposit

Instructions for entering AP direct deposit information and viewing AP payments through P.A.S.S. are located at:

If you have questions about AP direct deposit setup, please contact Vendor ID at
713-743-8746 or 713-743-8745.