Student Spotlight � Longinos Gutierrez

Longinos "Kino" Gutierrez is a senior at the University of Houston and works in the office of the Executive Vice Chancellor/Executive Vice President for Administration & Finance. Kino, as most of us know him as, is a native Houstonian and attended Lamar High School in the IB Program. While at Lamar, he participated in the woodshop program. During his time in workshop, Kino presented his projects in a state-wide competition and won �Best Project in State� two years in a row. His time in the workshop making custom designs and plans during high school made him want to pursue architecture. He is now in his fifth year as an architecture student at UH and is set to graduate in May with a bachelor's degree in architecture and bachelor 's degree in environmental/design with a minor in Mexican American Studies.

Kino has worked for some time in the field and plans to graduate in May 2013. In 2009, he participated in an internship program at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) - Engineering and Project Management Division. Kino recalled, �I began to work at UH the summer of 2010 right after my internship at TxDOT was completed. I was hired by Eva Lyon as a CAD drafting assistant to draft �as-built� drawings of different buildings on campus. I did this for about a year. Then, Lillian Wanjagi gave me the opportunity to transfer to the Administration and Finance Department and assist Dave Irvin and Mary Myles with different master planning presentations for the UH System. Since then I have prepared an array of presentations and graphics for UH.�

He began working as a CAD drafting assistant in 2010 and then as a Master Planning Assistant in 2011. His current position brought him to E. Cullen, working under the direction of Dr. Carl Carlucci, Executive Vice Chancellor/Executive Vice President for Administration & Finance and Emily Messa, Associate Vice Chancellor/Associate Vice President for Administration. Gaining experience under Dr. Carlucci and Emily Messa has been a highlight of Kino�s academic experience.

During the regular semester, Kino works 20 hours a week and attends classes, but during the summer he puts in a 40-hour work week. If you have been or know much about receiving a degree in architecture, then you know it is extremely challenging to earn your degree and work at the same time since the degree requirements are very demanding and require many hours of heavy concentration.

Since Kino joined the team, he has worked on many projects for the university and the system. He has made drawings for the UH Sugar Land Master Plan and the UH Central Master Plan. He has created graphics and drawings for presentations to the Board Of Regents. He assists with the creation of logos and maps for different campus events. More recently, he has been working on updating the campus model in the lobby of the E. Cullen Building.