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A&F Communications Council

Mission statement

The A&F Communications Council serves as a foundational framework of inclusivity and representation across the Division departments and programs, featuring a broad portfolio of operational services areas with regular opportunities for connectivity of integrated content and collaborative engagement  and accountability supporting the A&F Strategic Plan in alignment with the University mission and core transformation objectives.


A&F Communications Council Members

Dr. Emily Messa, Chair Administration and Finance
Jesus Acevedo Jr. Administration and Finance
Cindy Crews Office of Administration
Sandra Armstrong Human Resources
Matt Oltremari Auxiliary Services
Catherine Ellett University Information Technology
Kori Lee Houston Public Media
Nancy Nguyen Administration and Finance
Mandisa Oliver Equal Opportunity Services
Dina Padovan UH Police Department
Jennifer Rea UH Facilities
Mark Rosanes University Information Technology
Mia Thomas Human Resources
Diane Trippel University Information Technology
Sharon Pellas Campus Safety
Ileana Yordan Cuevas Public Art UH-System
Richard Zagrzecki Parking and Transportation