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Parking and Transportation Services offers discounted permits and premium parking spaces to Coogs who commute to campus with three or more individuals in their vehicle. This incentive is open to all faculty, staff and full-time students who carpool at least three days a week. 

Below is an overview of the permit discount structure, which varies depending on how many people are in your carpool.

Number of People  Permit Discount  
Three-person carpool    50% off
Four or more     75% off 

All carpool spaces are located in faculty/staff parking garages, so discounted rates are calculated from current faculty/staff garage permit prices. All carpoolers, regardless of classification, will be charged a discounted faculty/staff garage permit rate.

COAST Carpool permits are valid in their assigned garage ONLY. Any vehicle found displaying a carpool permit at any time outside of a garage, including Relaxed Parking, will receive a citation.

Additional information:
  • To participate and receive all carpooling benefits, all members of a carpool must join COAST.
  • If you've already purchased a parking permit and want to carpool instead, you can return your permit for a prorated refund and join a carpool. 
  • If you lose a carpool member, notify Parking and Transportation within 48 hours and replace within 10 days.
  • Each member receives a dozen full-day parking vouchers a year, for use should an emergency or scheduling conflict arise. The vouchers are valid for the visitor section of a garage.