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Car Sharing with Zipcar


The COAST Zipcar incentive is currently unavailable. Parking and Transportation is working with Zipcar and hopes to have it back in place soon. 

The University of Houston offers on-campus car sharing through Zipcar to students, faculty and staff 18 years of age or older. 

Zipcar is an option for COAST members, who can choose either:

  • $300 in annual Zipcar drive credit, or
  • $120 in Zipcar drive credits plus $180 in METRO fare money

At the current time, there is a Zipcar located at two places on campus:

  • University Lofts
  • Cougar Village 1

Zipcar membership is $35 annually. This is not subsidized by COAST and must be paid for by the individual. Zipcar members have access to a variety of vehicles that can be used for a small hourly charge. Actual rates vary by make and model; however, the price covers gas and insurance, so it might be cheaper than driving your own car.