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Car Sharing with Zipcar


The COAST Zipcar incentive is currently on hold due to reasons related to COVID-19, and we hope to be able to resume the program in Fall 2021. 

The University of Houston offers on-campus car sharing through Zipcar to students, faculty and staff 18 years of age or older. 

Zipcar is an option for COAST members, who can choose either:

  • $300 in annual Zipcar drive credit, or
  • $120 in Zipcar drive credits plus $180 in METRO fare money

At the current time, there is a Zipcar located at two places on campus:

  • University Lofts
  • Cougar Village 1

Zipcar membership is $35 annually. This is not subsidized by COAST and must be paid for by the individual. Zipcar members have access to a variety of vehicles that can be used for a small hourly charge. Actual rates vary by make and model; however, the price covers gas and insurance, so it might be cheaper than driving your own car.