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Zoned Parking for Students

The ungated student parking lots on campus are broken down into six different zones. Click on each zone name below to pull up more information.

Zone A map
Zone A comprises lots 16D and 16E on the north side of campus.
Zone B map
Zone B is located on the north side of campus, just south of Elgin Street, and comprises lot 16B.
Zone C map
Lots 21A and 19C make up Zone C, which is near University Lofts and the UH Law Center.
Map of Zone D
Zone D is on the southeast side of campus and includes ungated lots 4A and 3B, as well as a gated lot for Bayou Oaks residents only.
Zone E map
The largest zone on campus is Zone E, located south of Wheeler Avenue. It includes lots 8A and 9C and resident parking for Cullen Oaks and Cambridge Oaks.
Zone F map
Zone F comprises lot 12A, which is on the south side of TDECU Stadium and near the UH Police Department and Cougar Place.


 Campus Zones Map

(click to enlarge)
Student Zone Parking Map