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-Welcome Center Garage: Construction in the Welcome Center Garage is due to the installation of the new Parking Guidance System. See more information below and in the Parking Guidance System blog post from January 2018.

This page will have regular updates about current Parking and Transportation projects. 

This page was last updated June 15, 2018




Garage 6 A sixth parking garage is being constructed on Lots 20A and 20C between the East Garage and the Rec Center. Construction began in July of 2019, and is continuing!
Permits for 2018-2019 Permit options and pricing are being evaluated for the upcoming year before going on sale later in the spring semester. Permit registration is currently open for 2018-2019 through AccessUH. Students are using a new registration process this year. Other changes to Parking for the 2018-2019 academic year including new rates, zone parking for students and more. More information about these changes can be found in our Parking Changes 2018-2019 blog series.
COAST a la Carte This expansion of the current COAST program will offer incentives for those who need to regularly park on campus certain days of the week but would still like to ride METRO the remaining days. The materials for this program are being finalized and it is expected to be released in the 2018-2019 academic year. 
Parking Guidance System Parking & Transportation is bringing a Parking Guidance System to campus parking garages! This will mean faster, more efficient parking and better usage data.

The installation of the Parking Guidance System in the Welcome Center Garage is currently in progress. 

For more information about this project, see the Parking Guidance System blog post from January 2018.

Garage 5 A fifth garage is coming to campus on the North side of campus near the Architecture and Law buildings, adding about 2,400 parking spaces to campus. Garage 5 will open for parking on August 19, 2019. There will be no elevator access until mid to late September. Retail locations are scheduled to open in January of 2020.
T2 Gated Lot Conversion Gated lots are being transitioned to a new T2 entry system that will use swipeable hanging permits (and toll tags for hands-free entry) instead of the old ProxCards.  Gated lots are currently being converted to the new system.

For more detailed information about this project, as well as the status of which lots have been converted, please visit the Gated Lots Conversion Project page. Gated permit holders will receive emails throughout the project to notify them when changes are happening to their particular lot.