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UH at Katy Parking

In order to park a vehicle at the University of Houston at Katy, all students, faculty and staff must have a valid UH parking permit starting in the spring 2022 semester.

Overview of Parking Permit System

  • UH at Katy permits can be purchased through AccessUH by logging into the myParking icon and clicking the “Get Permit” button.
  • Purchases and returns can be made at any point during the semester and are prorated weekly.
  • Permits will be mailed to the address selected during the purchase process.
  • The UH at Katy permits are valid only at the UH at Katy campus.
  • Please note: All active University of Houston parking permits are permitted to park at UH at Katy. The evening-weekend permit cannot be used until 3 p.m. Monday-Friday. 

Permit Prices

The price of the Katy parking permits are $70 if purchased between now and Jan. 31, 2022. The cost of the permit prorates over the course of the academic year.


University of Houston-Victoria students, faculty and staff who work or attend class at the UH at Katy campus should follow the following steps to purchase a UH at Katy parking permit:

  • Access the UH Parking Portal.
  • Select "University of Houston-Victoria"
  • Select "click here to create a password"
  • Enter your UH-Victoria email address and hit the submit button. An email will be sent with instructions to log in.
  • Follow instructions in the email to log in.
  • Once logged in, go to Permits -> Get Permits

Visitor Parking

Hourly parking will be available starting in the spring 2022 semester. Payments can be made upon exiting via credit or debit card only. The rates are:

0-1 hour: Free
1-2 hours: $2
2-3 hours: $4
3-4 hours: $6
4-5 hours: $8
5-24 hours: $10
A permit holder who parks at the Katy campus and does not bring their permit will have to pay the fee in order to exit the lot.

Parking Validations

Departments who validate parking for visitors at UH at Katy through the FlexVal system should instruct guests to follow these steps:
  • Guest pulls a ticket and brings it inside with them.
  • Guest gives the ticket to department staff member who enters the ticket number and validates the ticket before returning it to the guest.
  • Guest inserts the ticket (arrow side facing up) into the ticket slot at the exit gate. The gate will open.
If the guest is to be given a paper validation ticket, then they should follow these steps:
  • Guest pulls a ticket and does not need to bring the ticket inside.
  • Department staff member provides the guest a the paper validation ticket.
  • At the exit gate, the guest inserts the original ticket (arrow side up) that they pulled from the gate upon entry
  • The machine will display the amount due.
  • The guest then inserts the paper validation ticket (arrow side up) into the ticket slot at the exit gate. The gate will open.

How to Enter/Exit

This document provides information on how to use your parking permit, how to use visitor parking, and how to add a toll tag to your permit to allow for hands-free entering and exiting.

Event Parking

Please contact the Parking and Transportation Services office at for more information.