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Disability Parking

Disability parking permits are issued to students, faculty, or staff who have either a permanent or temporary disability and require accessible parking. These permits authorize parking in spaces designated for use by disabled drivers. Disability parking privileges are for the benefit of the registered permit holder only.

For permanent disability parking privileges, the university requires a university disability parking permit be displayed along with a valid state-issued disability parking placard or state license plate when parked in any disability parking space on campus. The state-issued disability parking placard or license plate will be sufficient at all paid visitor parking areas.

If an individual has a UH disability parking permit and all of the disability parking spaces are full, they are authorized to park in any non-restricted space in any of the ungated lots on campus. This does NOT include restricted spaces such as reserved, metered and 20-minute unloading.

Permanent Disabilities

University employees and students with a permanent disability must display a UH disability parking permit in order to park in ADA spaces in non-visitor parking lots and garages. Documentation required in order to be able to purchase a UH ADA permit includes a copy of the driver’s license, copies of the front and back of the state-issued disabled placard, and the placard receipt showing the name of the individual to whom the placard was issued. If the placard receipt is not available, Parking customer service staff will run a TxDMV inquiry to verify ownership of the placard. For those with a disability license plate rather than a placard, a copy of the vehicle registration must be provided showing the permit applicant as the owner of the vehicle. Documents should be brought to the Parking customer service office or emailed to to be uploaded to the permit applicant’s account.

Disability parking authorization will be valid for the time remaining on the state-issued disabled parking placard or license plate. Re-authorization will be required upon receipt of a new state-issued disabled parking placard or license plate.

University permanent disability parking permits must be renewed annually. Faculty/staff and students wishing to renew their UH disability parking permit may do so online through their myParking Account at AccessUH, if the required documentation is on file.

Temporary Disabilities

Students, faculty or staff who have a temporary disability may request temporary disability parking directly through Parking and Transportation Services. A letter from an appropriate physician stating the nature and projected duration of the disability, and the need for disability parking privileges will be required before authorization will be granted. Parking and Transportation reserves the right to send any applicant to the CSD for further authorization.

Visitors with Disabilities

Disabled visitors should use any of the paid visitor disabled parking spaces available in parking garages and surface lots on campus.