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License Plate Enforcement

Starting June 1, 2018, UH Parking and Transportation began transitioning to license plate enforcement. 

Instead of enforcement checking each vehicle manually for a valid permit, enforcement vehicles will drive through the lots and read license plates to quickly verify:

  1. Does the driver have a permit?
  2. Are they parked in the right area?

Therefore, it's vital that all permit holders make sure they have their license plate information updated in their myParking Account through AccessUH

**Keep in mind that parkers are still required to properly display a physical permit and keep it visible for enforcement. At this time the technology speeds up the process of finding vehicles in violation but the physical permit is still used for verification.

UH Parking and Transportation is excited to bring this technology to campus to improve the parking experience for faculty, staff and students. 


This will be a more efficient approach to enforcement instead of people walking throught the lots and manually checking for permits. 

With a more efficient enforcement system in place, we can improve our ability to make sure spaces are available for those who have purchased a permit to park in that area. 

How to sign up

Registering your license plate:

  1. Go to your myParking account in AccessUH
  2. On the top menu, select "Vehicles"
  3. Select "Add Vehicle"
  4. Fill out form with vehicle information and follow the prompts

Up to three license plates can be assigned to each permit but only one of those vehicles is permitted to park on campus at a time.

To see what license plates you have registered to your permit, go to the “Vehicles” tab in your myParking Account.

Once you have added your vehicle information, it will remain on your account the next year as well unless you go back and change the information.