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For habitual offenders or at the discretion of Parking and Transportation, an immobilization device may be used in lieu of towing. The device is a light-weight device equipped with GPS that is attached to the windshield using two large suction cups, preventing the vehicle from being driven by blocking the view of anyone sitting in the driver’s seat.

If an immobilization device has been placed on your vehicle's windshield:

  • Visit the website listed on the device ( You can also call the phone number listed on the Barnacle.
  • The Barnacle has a device number on it. Enter that number where prompted on the website.
  • Enter your mobile phone number.
  • You will receive a text message with a one-time verification code.
  • Enter the three-digit verification code where prompted on the website.
  • Enter your credit card payment information.
  • In addition to paying the fine, there is a $200 hold placed on the card.
  • After paying the overdue citation fines as well as a $75 Barnacle fee, you will receive a text message with a four-digit release code.
  • Enter the release code into the keypad on the Barnacle to release it. (It may take up to 30 seconds to release).
  • Return the Barnacle by placing it in the large drop-off box located at the Elgin Street Garage behind the Parking and Transportation Services Business Office. If returned within 24 hours of payment, the hold will be released.