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New Cougar Line Shuttles

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The campus Cougar Line shuttles have been replaced with new and improved buses for all of the Cougar Line routes. A full list of upgrades can be found on the Cougar Line shuttles page.

Riding Experience

Cougar Line riders will now enjoy free Wi-Fi, audible shuttle stop announcements and the best A/C available in the shuttle bus industry to keep riders cool through the Houston summers.

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Featuring a slightly larger interior than the previous buses, more people will be able to fit on each shuttle, assisting more people in fewer trips during peak times.

GPS Tracking 

One major change riders will notice is the improved GPS tracking system for the Cougar Trax shuttle location map. This new bus tracker will provide more accurate real-time shuttle locations and estimated arrival times, making the Cougar Trax tool more reliable than ever.


These buses are equipped with automatic people counters that track both on and off numbers for each shuttle stop location. This will provide for more accurate usage data to Parking and Transportation to use while planning routes based on the needs of the campus community.  


The Cougar Line Shuttles have gone green! Bringing these propane-fueled shuttles to campus is another example of Parking and Transportation working to reduce the campus’s carbon footprint.


The entire campus community is encouraged to take advantage of these new and improved shuttles. To learn more, see the full list of shuttle upgrades and visit the Cougar Line Shuttles page.

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posted: Thursday, November 1, 2018