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By: Bob Browand

-We have updated this blog post to include the rates that were officially approved by the UH System Board of Regents on March 8, 2018. 

It’s no secret that the UH campus is growing and more people are flocking to the campus than ever before. As a service that’s vital to the University, Parking and Transportation regularly listens to feedback from the campus and reviews its programs to adapt and grow as necessary.

Currently we are working on several items that will bring major, but necessary, changes to Parking and Transportation next year.

The biggest differences in next year’s program will include:

  • Rate changes for faculty, staff and students
  • Transitioning student parking to Zone Parking
  • A new permit purchasing process for student surface lot permits

This blog post will provide an introduction to these topics. To read more about each change please take a look at the series of blog posts on these topics:

proposed rates chartproposed rates with watermark

Proposed Rate Increases – Faculty, Staff and Students 

We are proposing a rate increase for the 2018-2019 academic year that will average out to about 9% for faculty, staff and student permits.

Parking & Transportation is completely self-funded, and does not receive tuition, student fees or other funding. Therefore, the costs of the services are primarily paid for by parking permit sales.

The main reason this price increase is happening next year is to pay for an expanded campus shuttle program as well as additional parking garages to increase the amount of parking spaces on campus.

More information about next year’s permit prices, the reason for the increase and what funds are used for is available in Part 2 of our series.


Zoning Program – Student Permits Only

We hear students when they complain that parking spaces are hard to find on campus. Our current student permit simply gives students access to find a parking space among any of the student lots on campus.

As our student population has grown, the needs have changed, which is why we’ve developed a Zone Parking Program.

The idea behind Zone Parking is that when you buy a permit, you choose a specific zone. Therefore, every day before you head to campus, you know exactly which area of campus you will go to look for parking. The number of permits sold for each zone will be capped so that only a certain number of people will be going to each area to find parking.

This method is used at many other large universities to distribute students and traffic more evenly across campus. We feel having students choose their lot at the time of purchase and knowing where to go each day will help them as they plan their commute to campus.

New Permit Buying Process for Students

To make the permit purchasing process effective as we bring on the new Zone Parking Program, all student permits will move to a waitlist purchasing process.

When permit registration opens in April, students will be able to specify their permit and zone preferences. We recommend students sign up as quickly as possible after permit registration begins in order to have the best chance at the lot they want.

More information about Zone Parking and the permit registration process is available in Part 3 of our series.


Outreach Events

We understand that all of the changes to the program for the 2018-2019 academic year are a lot to process. We encourage everyone, especially students, to attend one of our outreach events coming up in March and April before permit registration begins.

We will be holding many pop-up events throughout campus where people can speak with us in person, as well as a large event at the Student Center on Mar. 22 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. so mark your calendars! Check our Outreach page in the next few weeks as we add event details.

More information about these events and full schedule is available in Part 4 of our series.



Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

posted: Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018