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Permit Registration Launch Follow-up

By: Bob Browand

Student permit registration opened Tuesday and it was a busy day!waitlist image

Over the course of the first day, we had more than 8,100 students register their permit preferences. To put this in perspective, last year we had just over 3,400 students sign up on the first day. With all of the new permit options, we strongly encouraged students to sign up early for the best chances at their top permit preferences and the numbers show that they did!   

Unfortunately we ran into a site issue that led to students receiving an error while trying to log in to their myParking Account. We apologize for the website problem and definitely understand it caused frustration for students! We worked with our site vendor to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and continue to work with them to provide reliable service going forward.

The good news is that despite any frustrations or errors the day permit registration opened, our data shows that all 8,100 students who signed up at any point during day one will be offered their first preference permit when our permit assignment emails go out in July


Below are answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received since permit registrations launched. If your questions are not answered here, we also have a Frequently Asked Questions page regarding Parking and Transportation for 2018-2019.

How do I know if I received my top choice permit?

Based on our data of what permits were selected as first choices, the 8,100 students who signed up on day one will be offered their first preference permit when our permit assignment emails go out in July.

In July we will email all students who registered for a permit waitlist notifying them of the permit they’ve been awarded and we will explain next steps and payment options at that time.

What order should my permit preferences be listed?

The permit listed as number one in the preferences order is your first choice. You should have received a confirmation email with your selections and you can view the order you selected there.

What do I do if I’m getting an error or having issues getting my permit?

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

You can call us at 832-842-1097 or email us at

You can also message us on social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Did the error affect my chances of getting the permit I want?

No, all students were blocked out at the same time while the site was down. Therefore, other students weren’t able to register either. Again, we want to reassure everyone who registered after the error was resolvedthe 8,100 students who signed up on day one will be offered their first preference permit when our permit assignment emails go out in July

Why did you move to the new waitlist system for permit registration instead of how it was done before?

The new process was developed in an effort to help PTS better manage oversell rates for each zone, which in turn will help ensure success of the new Zone Parking Program.

Also, there is a lot of sorting on the back end that Parking and Transportation has to do between April and when the confirmation emails go out in July. Some information needed, such as whether or not a student is a resident, is not in the system in April when we need to begin the sign up process.

If I register for the permit waitlist in April, do I have to pay for it immediately?

No, when we email you in July about the permit you received, we will give you the opportunity to pay by card, apply the permit price to your student fee bill or cancel the permit purchase completely.

If you do not take the steps to cancel the permit or pay for the permit by card before the deadline listed in the email, the permit will be charged to your student fee bill. For information about paying for your charges on your student account, please visit the Student Financial Services website.

What if I need to change my permit waitlist selections after I’ve submitted them?

Students needing to change their permit selections before emails go out in July may do so through AccessUH but changes must be made by June 30, 2018. In order to not lose their place in the registration lineup, students should only rearrange their selected permit options rather than add additional ones. If a student adds a new permit type to their waitlist, their selections will have an updated timestamp, moving the student back in line. This is another reason we recommend that students add and arrange all permits to their list during signup.


If you still have questions about the changes coming next year, again we encourage you to please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page regarding Parking Changes for 2018-2019 where we will continue to add any common questions we receive, as well as our Parking Preview 2018-2019 blog series we previously published.


posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2018