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By: Bob Browand

It’s been a busy semester for UH Parking and Transportation. We’re working on everything from a Parking Guidance System to planning a new parking garage, and in this post I’ll go over the status of these projects and more.12B 8A

Lot 12B

As of late October, Faculty/Staff Ungated Permit holders have gained additional spaces in Lot 12B. This lot was previously offline due to construction in the area but progress on the construction means that we have been able to open approximately 140 spaces in 12B.

Please note that this lot is for Faculty/Staff Ungated Permit parking only. However, students looking for additional parking options should go to Lot 8A, a Student Permit lot that has not been full yet at any point this semester.

Gated Lot Conversion

This November we’re kicking off a project to transition gated lots to a new entry system that will use swipeable hanging permits for entry instead of the old ProxCards.

This upgrade will bring several benefits, including:

  • Hands-free gate entry using EZ TAG
  • Data about lot usage PTS can use to better manage waitlist assignments and lot availability
  • Eliminates the need to carry a separate access card
  • Improved entry system that will keep lots from being used by unauthorized parkers

We expect construction on the gates to last through the spring semester. During this conversion process the gated lots will remain open and accessible but gate entry may be reduced to one lane.

Parking Guidance System

A Parking Guidance System is coming to campus, starting with the parking garages.

parking guidance system 

This system will allow garage parkers to look down a line of cars and see lights indicating which spaces are taken and which are available. This will save time for drivers by eliminating the need to weave through rows of parking to find the open spaces.

We’re currently developing a Parking Guidance System for the surface lots as well so that we can bring this helpful tool to even more faculty, staff and students across campus.

Additional Parking Being Constructedgarage 5, garage 6, macgregor lot

Additional parking spaces are on the horizon for the UH campus. At this time, there are several parking garages and an additional surface lot in the works.

We are currently in the early stages of constructing Garage 5, a parking garage that will be located near the Architecture and Law buildings. This garage will bring an additional 2,400 spaces and is scheduled to open in July 2019.

The next garage, Garage 6, will be located between the East Garage and the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. This garage is still being designed but will bring at least 2,000 spaces to campus in July 2020.

Finally, off of Martin Luther King Blvd. a new surface lot, the MacGregor Lot, will be constructed. This will add another 1,300 spaces and is expected to open in May 2019.


As always, it’s important to me that we keep the campus community involved and informed about what is happening in Parking and Transportation. Check out our Project Updates page for more information and updates on these projects!


posted: Friday, October 27, 2017