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Commuter Spotlight: Jenna Done

By: Bob Browand

Last semester, in an effort to better highlight the various ways faculty, staff and students use our services to get to, from and around UH, we debuted a new commuter spotlight series here on the blog.

Jenna Done The initial inspiration for this series stemmed from a desire to share stories and feedback exclusively from members of COAST, our new alternative transportation program. The idea, however, quickly evolved when we met Jenna Done.

Jenna, a commuter who used to rely on METRO to get to and from campus but had to change her transportation plan due to her class schedule, originally caught our attention during the fall semester when she started leaving positive feedback about her experiences with public transportation across our social media accounts. Intrigued by her comments, we reached out to get her story.

Senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human resource development

Commuting from:
New Caney – that’s roughly 40 miles one way, folks

Primary mode of transportation to campus:
This academic year it’s her car, but in previous semesters her commute looked a bit different.

After a quick drive to METRO’s Humble Park & Ride lot she would then take the bus into downtown. From there, she would catch the rail to campus.

As complicated as that may all sound to some, Jenna actually preferred that method to driving herself.

“I miss the bus. When I drive myself to campus, I have to fill up my car roughly three times a week. Riding the bus is so much more affordable.”

Primary reason for the change:
“Unfortunately, the way my schedule is this year, my classes are primarily in the evenings and I wouldn’t get out in time to catch the last bus back to Humble.”

 Commuting tip:
Anyone considering riding the bus to campus should run their route a few times before the semester starts, especially if they’re unfamiliar with public transportation in general. I used to do that to determine the best route to take."

Final thoughts:
“I think there’s a stigma surrounding public transportation. Some people look down on it but I absolutely love it.”

If you or someone you know would like to share your story and be featured in a future Commuter Spotlight email and let us know.


posted: Friday, Feb. 17, 2017