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Hot Deal: Extra Realty for Parking

By: Bob Browand

Tomorrow, Nov. 17, our campus will be hosting its second Thursday, home football game of the season.

Before the last Thursday game, which was held on Sept. 29, we devoted a blog entry to breaking down just how many parking spaces would be affected by this event, to help paint a realistic picture of just how large the impact to campus would be.

Nothing has changed going into this week’s game. The same number of spaces will be taken offline in preparation for the primetime matchup; however, we have some encouraging news. 

ERP alternative parking extra UH game day

During the Sept. 29 game, UH never technically reached its max capacity in terms of parking spots.

Sure the lots and garages that were open and available around the main campus quickly filled up, but, throughout the day, amidst all the hoopla and congestion surrounding the big game, roughly 450 spaces sat unused and available at UH’s Energy Research Park (ERP).

Now, game day or not, my team and I are all too familiar with the excuses people have for NOT taking advantage of the additional parking available at this location. From complaints that shuttle wait and drive times are too long, to comments that it’s just not a convenient location, we’ve heard it all – and, during certain situations, this feedback is completely warranted and valid; however, we have to start being honest with ourselves that, in addition to being a space where UH students, faculty and staff can perform groundbreaking research and deliver cutting edge work, it’s also a space that simply offers Extra Realty for Parking, and while it might not always be the most convenient or quickest option, it’s an option we’re lucky to have nonetheless, given our urban-landlocked location, where available real estate for additional buildings, let alone parking, is hard to come by. Plus, there’s even a few COVERED spaces available year-round at ERP that individuals with economy passes can use, a luxury not found in the main campus Economy lots.

So, when you’re considering your options for how you’re going to get to campus tomorrow, don’t immediately count ERP out. As a location with approximately 2,350 spaces ALL DAY and no-charge shuttles running from 7 a.m. until MIDNIGHT for UH faculty, staff and students on home football game days, it’s worth a second thought.  

Click map to enlarge and see where ERP is located

ERP location relation to main campus UH parking

published: Wednesday Nov. 16, 2016