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Mean Tweets: @UHParking Edition

By: Bob Browand

Over the last year, the parking marketing team has done a lot of work to revamp and reenergize UH Parking and Transportation’s presence across social media.

While our efforts have helped us better engage with our followers and spread the word about departmental news and updates, it has allowed us to receive some very public criticism, especially on Twitter.

Now, some may shy away from opening themselves up for such negativity, but my team and I actually embrace it, because real, blunt feedback like this allows us to get an honest feel for how our services are being received by the campus community.

Although we had some fun reading these comments and laughing at ourselves and our flaws, please know that we take all issues and concerns seriously and even use them to assess and drive our future planning and programming.

The only way we can know where we need to improve is by hearing where we fall short, so thank you for the constant reality check. Please, tweet on!

published: Thursday Nov. 1, 2016