Cougar Card Mission and Vision - University of Houston
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serving a collective campus community of nearly 60,000 students, faculty/staff, alumni, contractors and visitors, the University of Houston “Cougar Card” growth and development since its debut more than 20 years ago is a reflection of the innovation and transformative track of the University overall. UH is comprised of more than 46,000 undergraduate and graduate students with more than 13,000 faculty and staff, and is comprised of four universities within the System with two University of Houston instructional sites: University of Houston at Sugar Land (Texas) and the University of Houston at Katy (Texas).

Mission Statement

The Cougar Card Program is committed to providing an innovative and inclusive card based solution system to the University of Houston’s students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors. The Cougar Card is intended to fit into the existing infrastructure, as well as complement current campus technologies with maximum efficiency and reliability. The Cougar Card Program is also committed to providingoutstanding customer service by acknowledging, appreciating, affirming and assuring customers that we will continue to strive to provide excellent service.


The Cougar Card will be known as the campus community’s key to its diverse, everyday needs including programs beyond the physical boundaries of campus.