Cougar Card Frequently Asked Questions - University of Houston
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  • What is the Cougar Card?

    The Cougar Card is the official UH (University of Houston) identification and access card. It is important to carry and safeguard your Cougar Card as it is the preferred method to transact on campus. The Cougar Card used to access academic and administrative buildings, computer labs, Campus Recreation & Wellness Center, on- and off-campus residential housing, MD Anderson Library, as well as athletic and special events. Meal plans, Cougar Cash, and ShastaBUCKS can also be used with the Cougar Card.  For more information on where you can use your Cougar Card, click here.
  • What is the digital Cougar Card?

    The digital Cougar Card is available in the UH Go app.  It can be used to access the approved gated parking location and for meal plan, Cougar Cash and ShastaBUCKS transactions.  In addition, it can be use at CASA for testing verification.  You can deposit money into your Cougar Cash or ShastaBUCKS account and view your transactions and remaining balances by selecting the Account Info icon located on the top of your digital Cougar Card.
  • Do I have to submit a photo?

    Yes, all students, faculty and staff must submit a photo through MyPhoto in AccessUH to receive a Cougar Card. Once you receive an email confirming the approval of that your photo submission, you will have to schedule an appointment or join the virtual queue for same day service through the CougarQ for pick up.  CougarQ is available in AccessUH.
  • How will I know if my online photo is acceptable?

    Photo requirements can be found here. Please review these prior to submitting your photo. Once you have submitted your photo, please allow 2-3 business days for your photo to be reviewed. You will receive an email indicating whether your photo was approved. If your photo is not approved, the email will explain why your photo was denied, and you will have the opportunity to upload a new photo. You can also see your approved photo through AccessUH by clicking the Cougar Card Online icon. 
  • What do I do if I lose my Cougar Card?

    Immediately deactivate your Cougar Card by selecting the “Deactivate Card” option in the Cougar Card section of the UH Go mobile app or log on to AccessUH and select the Cougar Card icon. Select Account, Deactivate Card, click Confirm.   

    All Cougar Card deactivations are final. Cougar Cards cannot be reactivated once the deactivation has been completed. You must pay the current replacement cost for a lost stolen card in the Cougar Card Online portal before deactivating your card.  You can also pay the replacement fee in the office when you pick up your new card. Once your card has been deactivated, you can pick up your new card by scheduling an appointment or joining the virtual queue for same day service through the CougarQ icon in AccessUH.

  • I just submitted my online photo. How can I get my Cougar Card? 

    Please allow 2-3 business days for your photo to be reviewed. Once you receive your approval email you will be able to schedule an appointment or join the virtual queue for same day service to pick up your Cougar Card.
  • How do I replace a damage or worn Cougar Card?

    Cards no longer working due to damage from normal wear and tear are considered damaged or worn. You may exchange the damaged or worn card for a new card free of charge.  However, you must bring in your damaged or worn card when picking up the new card. If the card is damaged due to neglect or intentionally placing holes in the card, the cardholder will be charged the current replacement cost. You can schedule an appointment through the CougarQ in AccessUH or join the virtual queue for same day service to pick up your card.

  • Do I have to pay for replacing my lost Cougar Card? 

    Yes, there is a $20.00 fee that will need to be paid in the Cougar Card Online portal through Access UH before deactivating your card. Once your card has been deactivated you can schedule an appointment through the CougarQ in AccessUH or join the virtual queue for same day service to pick up your card.
  • How do I update my Cougar Card if my name or classification has changed?

    Our office cannot change your name or classification. The name and classification that appears on your Cougar Card will be the information in your myUH Self Service account located in AccessUH. If you need to change your name or update your preferred name, please update your information in myUH Self Service before scheduling an appointment to pick up your card.
  • Can I have someone pick up my Cougar Card?

    To assign someone to pick up your card you will need to e-mail the Cougar Card Office at Once your assigned Proxy takes possession of your Cougar Card, the Cougar Card Office will not be liable for loss or damage. Be sure to verify that you have submitted a photo online, it has been approved, and that all your personal information is correct by logging into AccessUH, then click MyUH Self Service and review Personal Details.
  • Will you mail my Cougar Card?

    To avoid delays receiving your card, we recommend that you pick up your Cougar Card from the Cougar Card Office directly. However, if you wish to have your physical card mailed to you, you will need to contact the Cougar Card Office at  

    Before making your request, verify that all your personal information is correct, including your mailing address, by logging into AccessUH then click MyUH Self Service and review Personal Details and Addresses.  

    Once your Cougar Card has been mailed, the Cougar Card Office is not liable for any lost or undelivered cards. You will need to pay a $20.00 replacement fee for a new card to be issued if your card is not received at the destination address.

  • I would like to change the picture on my Cougar Card, can I have a new card printed?

    Due to a global shortage of smart chips, there is a major delay in smart card manufacturing. Smart chips are a significant component of our new Cougar Cards. After much consideration, the Cougar Card Office will not be reprinting cards for photo updates until further notice. We will communicate changes to this policy as they are available. 

    If you have recently changed your legal name, please contact the Cougar Card Office for requests to update your Cougar Card.