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CCAC Members

Voting Members

Name Constituent Group
Leanica Adams Student Housing & Residential Life (SHRL)
Ronald Harris Public Safety
Tonya Winters Staff Council
Leslie Pruski Staff Council
Ksenia Krylova Faculty Senate
Emily LaVoy Faculty Senate
Aspen Shariff-Bey Residence Halls Association (RHA)
Ruben Tang (Vice Chair) RA Council
Cameron Barrett Student Government Association (SGA)
Savannah Heistad Student Government Association (SGA)
Randolph Campbell Jr. (Chair) At-Large Residential
Kristianna Wilson At-Large Residential

Non-Voting Ex-Officio Members

Name Constituent Group
Emily Messa Office of Administration
Esmeralda Valdez University Services
Kenneth Mauk Student Affairs and Enrollment Services
Malcolm Davis Public Safety, Security, DPS Administration
Katie Wisdom Athletics
Rosie Ashley Auxiliary Services
Deborah A. Davis Cougar Card
Danielle Steber Cougar Card