Happy or Not? UH Dining Wants to Know

Happy or Not KioskUniversity of Houston Dining Services wants customers to have a positive experience every time they visit the two campus residential dining commons.

This semester, a simple – yet effective – tool was installed at both locations to help measure customer satisfaction levels.

The Happy or Not kiosks allow visitors to rate their visit as they leave with a quick push of a button. One machine is installed at the entrance to Moody Towers Dining Commons and the other is at the entrance to Cougar Woods Dining Commons.

“We want to monitor guest satisfaction on an ongoing basis, and this is one tool that we have to do just that,” said Abel Valencia, district marketing manager for UH Dining. “It allows us to see satisfaction patterns and trends for each location.”

Guests rate their overall experience using happy and sad faces on a four-point scale to provide a quantitative method of measuring feedback.

Since July 1, when Moody Towers Dining Commons began operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, more than 33,000 guests have given a rating on the Happy or Not kiosk, with 92 percent being positive.