Auxiliary Services Launches New Blog

auxiliary blogThe Auxiliary Services Department has launched a new blog dedicated to providing information, facts and insight about its services and operations on the University of Houston campus.

In an effort to give students, faculty and staff an honest, transparent look into the department, the blog, which is called “Auxiliaries and You,” will publish several posts each month on a variety of topics related to Auxiliary Services, which oversees Dining Services, the Bookstore, Vending Services and various retail lease partners.

The blog is a page within the Auxiliary Services website and can be found at It includes a comment section at the bottom of each post for anyone to post questions, feedback or any other comments.

“We look forward to providing readers a straightforward look at how we operate,” said Neil Hart, executive director of Auxiliary Services. “We also want to have an open dialog with the UH community about our services and how well we are performing.”