New Food Options Explored to Serve Growing Campus

As the agreement with Chinese Star expires at the end of the fall semester, the University has decided to explore other options for the restaurant’s location that more closely align with its food service model and better meet the expectations of the ever-expanding and diverse customer base.

Chinese Star will continue serving the UH community through the end of the fall semester. After that, the space – originally built as a Pizza Hut and located on Calhoun across from Calhoun Lofts – will be renovated and upgraded in preparation for a new food service tenant to start serving the campus in the fall 2017 semester.

Input from the campus community is important for improving the overall food service program, which includes understanding what kinds of food choices are desired. That data is being collected from a variety of sources, including Student Government Association leadership, which is conducting a survey regarding what type of restaurant would best serve the campus needs in that space.

“In addition, a national food service consultant is conducting surveys and focus groups to advise the University on the long-term direction of the campus food service program,” said Auxiliary Services Manager Rosie Ashley. “On top of that, Aramark, which serves as the food service provider for UH, is collecting its own data through surveys and other means.”