Faculty Encouraged to Submit Book Orders by Deadline

spring orders books course materialsThe deadline for faculty members to submit orders for course materials for spring 2017 courses is fast-approaching. 

Set by Academic Affairs and Barnes & Noble at UH, the primary course materials provider for the University of Houston, the Oct. 21 deadline is in place to allow enough time to secure the appropriate items and stock store shelves before the first day of the spring semester.

To make the ordering process easy, Barnes & Noble at UH gives professors the opportunity to submit requests online through the FacultyEnlight website. Individuals interested in submitting orders this way should complete the following steps:

  1. Visit http://uh.bncollege.com website
  2. Click on the "Faculty Resources" tab in the top right corner of the page. This will automatically redirect the user to the FacultyEnlight website.
  3. Sign in or click "create account" and follow the simple steps to set one up. 
  4. Click "Adopt," then "Create New Adoption.". To use one textbook for all sections simply click "select all" and the materials you choose will be added to each one.
  5. Click “Select Materials." Search by ISBN, title, author or even by course materials ordered in previous terms. From this screen you can also search your colleagues' adoptions, access your "Favorites" list and order non-textbook materials such as response cards, Scantron forms, notebooks, or USBs -- whatever you would like students to have for class.
    If your class does not require any materials, simply click the "No Materials Required for this Course" tab.
  6. Click "Adopt this Book" then "Review/Submit."
  7. To select additional materials, click "Add More Materials." From here, you can also mark items as "Required" or "Recommended."
  8. Click "Submit Order" when you've finished making all of your selections

Although the online ordering process is an option for faculty members, they can instead choose to submit their orders by contacting the store’s textbook managers Tim Edmond and John Rosenquist at 832-463-3210, 832-463-3211 or tm510@bncollege.com to submit their requests. They are also available for in-person consultations.

Having advanced notice about what materials will be needed not only helps ensure books will be available when students need them, but also helps balance students’ budgets.

“The sooner we know what books we’ll need, the sooner our representatives can begin searching for the best deal for students,” said Felix Robinson, general manager of the store. “Plus, once we know what items will be used for a course, we can begin buying those books directly from students first, which puts money back into their pockets.”