UH Community Can Try Out New Dining Hall Hacks

Dining HacksUniversity of Houston Dining Services delivers new dining hall hacks ideas for the UH community to use.

“Dining hall hacks give customers the creative approach to build a unique dish or meal out of the menu items that are avaliable around the dining halls,” said Emily Fahner, UH Dining marketing manager.

Customers can construct several unique #dininghallhack creations like adding bacon and cheese to waffle mix for a scrumptious breakfast or building their own nachos with shasta salsa at the Fresh Food Company’s Shasta Salsa Station.

“We highlight different types of foods for the community to try like our power up protein sandwich,” said Fahner. “This sandwich is crafted with two slices of wheat bread, peanut butter, honey, raisins and sliced bananas for a protein-packed breakfast option.”

Each dining hall hack photo is posted on UH Dining’s Instagram account for the community to view. Customers can share their own dining hall hacks by adding #dininghallhacks and #uhdining to their Instagram post.

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