UH Welcomes Chopped N' Smoked BBQ to Campus Food Truck Program

BBQ food truckLocal food truck Chopped N’ Smoked BBQ will be joining the University of Houston’s food truck program this fall semester. It will be serving up halal friendly barbecue to the UH community beginning Aug. 24.  

Robert West, a native Texan and UH alumnus, got the idea of halal barbecue when he learned his friends had never experienced Texas barbecue.

“I started smoking halal barbecue at home and everyone loved it,” said West. “We made our Texas barbecue a few times for our friends. They kept asking for more and the idea for the business was born.”

Chopped N’ Smoked is a certified halal barbecue food truck and offers Texas-style barbecue classics like smoked brisket, ribs and chicken, along with hearty sides of potato salad, coleslaw and beans with halal brisket. Also taking it a step further, a recipe was created that is more than the basic salt and pepper rub.

“We smoke our briskets from 12 to 16 hours,” said West. “We built our barbecue pit from the ground up to ensure nothing but halal meat has ever been cooked on it.”

Chopped N’ Smoked BBQ has been serving up halal barbecue since March. For more information about the business and its menu, visit its website.

“My wife and I are both graduates of the UH system and our experiences have taken us far in life,” said West. “UH is in our home and in our hearts.”

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