UH Dining Services Dishes on Food Recalls

University of Houston Dining Services believes its top priority is serving safe, nutritious and quality foods as it works to deliver great experiences for students, faculty and staff.

UH Dining Services complies with all advisories issued by its suppliers and the Food and Drug Administration.

“When an alert is issued by the FDA, we immediately stop using the recalled product and do not use it again until the FDA proclaims the product is safe and consumer confidence is restored,” said Geoff Herbert, district manager at UH Dining Services.

All products specified in the FDA and supplier notifications are immediately removed from service operations.

“Our security and supply chain experts continuously train company managers, chefs and employees to ensure the integrity of vendor selection, delivery procedures, and of the safe preparation and service of meals,” said Herbert.

All products used in Aramark's operations are obtained through approved purveyors who meet its high quality standards.

For more information about UH Dining Services, visit www.uh.edu/dining.