Parking Lot 12A to Become Student Lot

Parking lot 12A at the corner of Wheeler and Scott will no longer be an economy parking lot as of Aug. 15.

Once the change takes place, students will be required to have a student commuter (fall/spring or fall) parking permit in order to use the lot.

"Historically, the economy parking lots were priced lower than other lots because they were located in remote areas of campus. As the campus has expanded, many economy lots are no longer remote," said Robert Browand, director of Parking and Transportation Services. "Additionally, we are constantly evaluating our program to ensure it first with the overall campus environment. It is important for us to transition the program, as needed, to make sure we are aligned with the university’s needs holistically."

Since lot 12A is near the Cougar Place residential community, students who will be living there in the fall and who plan to use that lot to park their vehicles need to make sure they have a student commuter permit.

Any student who already has purchased an economy permit can change it to student commuter by calling Parking and Transportation Services at 832-842-1097 or emailing