Meal Plan Holders Being Thanked with Steak and Shrimp Night

University of Houston Dining Services is offering a special steak and shrimp dinner menu with a chocolate fondue dessert station at the Fresh Food Company in Moody Towers on Friday, Dec. 12.

The items are being offered to thank all meal plan holders and to celebrate the successful end to the semester.

During dinner hours on that day, every customer who enters Fresh Food Company will receive a ticket at the register that they can redeem at the round grill for their steak, shrimp and wild rice. This station will be a ticket-only service, but all other stations will offer their usual unlimited service.

As diners leave the Fresh Food Company, they will be greeted at the exit by the UH Dining marketing team and a chocolate fondue station. They will be able to pick from strawberries, marshmallows, Rice Krispies treats, and apples decorated in nuts, sprinkles and other toppings. 

Students will also be able to learn more about UH Dining and their meal plan options for next semester at the information table located next to the fondue station.

For more information about UH Dining Services, visit