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By The Auxiliary Services Team

Are you a University of Houston student? If so, are you looking to make some extra money to help pay for expenses? But you don’t want to leave campus?

Ever thought about working for UH Dining Services or the UH Bookstore? They’ve got openings available, and students are welcome to apply!

help wanted graphicThere are always positions available during the year. Students are welcome and encouraged to apply. In fact, UH Dining is committed to having students comprise at least 20 percent of its workforce. And the bookstore – which is operated by Barnes & Noble – employs around 100 students at the beginning of each semester.

To check out the current list of job openings in UH Dining, go online and browse through them. Since Chartwells Higher Education oversees food service operations at all of the universities in the UH System, jobs for all of them are posted, so make sure to pay close attention to to see where each opening is located.

jobs poster for diningNew jobs are added when positions become available and need to be filled. Since UH Dining includes a wide range of retail locations, as well as the two dining commons, there usually is a wide variety of job types available at any given time. You might find an opening for baristas at Starbucks, cashiers at the Market convenience stores, dishwashers or stockers.

You can read over the different job descriptions here. Bookmark the job opportunities page on the UH Dining website and check it from time to time.

Over at the bookstore, all of the student employees have a broad range of duties, including stocking merchandise, working the cash registers, providing guidance on textbook options and helping customers locate items.

The bookstore is an awesome place for students to work as it offers the convenience of being on campus, a great work environment and flexible scheduling. As positions become available, students can apply online.

Added perks

Besides offering competitive wages, there are benefits that students get by working with UH Dining. For instance, if you work a five-hour shift, you are entitled to eat a free meal at whatever dining location it is that you worked. There are also company discounts, such as for movie tickets and other items/services.

The best perk of all? UH Dining understands that students are very busy and that their academic studies are their top priority. That is why they are very flexible with scheduling, especially during mid-terms and finals.

It is the same philosophy at the bookstore, which prides itself on being flexible as it relates to class schedules. There are also some great perks for students who work at the bookstore, such as a discount on all eligible items, including textbooks.

And for those who are interested in furthering their career with Barnes & Noble, they have a very successful Bestseller Program, allowing students to learn all aspects of the business and preparing them for leadership roles within the company.

Both UH Dining and the UH Bookstore have openings right now that need to be filled. So if you are looking for a great job right here on campus, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply!


posted: Friday, March 16, 2018