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By The Auxiliary Services Team

Don’t like the song being played while eating your lunch? Well, now you can do something about it.

That’s because UH Dining Services has added the Rockbot music service to both dining commons on campus: Moody Towers and Cougar Woods. Anyone who visits either location can download the Rockbot app on their smart phones, which then gives them the power to choose from a vast catalogue of tunes.

How does it work?

Rockbot phone app graphicRockbot is a mobile jukebox that allows UH students – and faculty and staff and anyone else, for that matter – to choose and vote on songs they want to hear being played over the speakers. In essence, guests become the DJs. In fact, when you join Rockbot, you pick a DJ user name.

The app is free to download and use and is available for Android and iOS. It allows users to request songs to be added to the music queue. Users also cast votes up or down for the songs already in the queue. The more votes a song gets, the higher it goes to the front of the line.

Students “check in” to Moody Towers or Cougar Woods to participate. When you check in, you can see other users, as well as a list of upcoming songs that have been requested. Users can earn credits by completing tasks, such as sharing on social media. Credits can also be purchased.

What songs are available?

The song catalog is vast. More than 14 million songs are available in the Rockbot system, though the number and type will vary by location. Most songs cost four credits to play.

The app allows you to purchase credits with a credit card in packages. A group of 10 credits costs $1. The 30 pack goes for $3. It averages out to 10 cents a credit. The largest package costs $20 and gives users 200 credits, six free songs and 15 shuffles.

Why did we do it?

Why not? Everyone has their favorite music genre, singers and groups. And what better place to hear your favorites than when you are eating. Hearing music provides a break from the stress of school and work. Plus, it is another piece of an overall larger initiative to transform the campus dining commons from just somewhere to eat into a place for students to gather at any time of the day to study, meet with friends and hang out. We hope you enjoy the new service!


posted: Monday, Oct. 16, 2017