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UH Bookstore's price-matching policy benefits students

By The Auxiliary Services Team

Though they’re essential to get through classes, textbooks can be pricey. Students like to shop around to make sure they’re getting the best deal, but getting the best price doesn’t always include convenience. The store with the lower price may run out of copies quickly, and by the time it restocks, it’s well into the fall semester. Or the price of the textbook may be low, but the shipping costs are outrageous.

With the University of Houston Bookstore’s price-matching policy, students can get the best possible price on the textbooks they need with the convenience of the UH Bookstore’s services and availability on campus.

Price matching at the UH bookstoreHow it Works

The UH Bookstore’s price-matching policy allows students to compare new, used and rental textbook prices at, and local Houston textbook outlets. If you can find the textbook you need at one of these resources at a lower price than at the UH Bookstore, the Bookstore will match that price. To receive the price match, simply contact or stop by the UH Bookstore (located in the Student Center South) and provide the website or the store location with the lower price, the textbook’s ISBN number and whether it’s new, used or rental.

The policy does not apply to books sold on online market places, such as Amazon Marketplace or Barnes and Noble Marketplace, or peer-to-peer sellers. Digital books, access codes and special orders also don’t qualify for price match.

The textbook must be the same edition and format as the one available at the UH Bookstore. For example, if the Bookstore has a 2016 edition of a biology textbook you need for class, and the lower-priced version you find on is a 2015 edition, it would not qualify for price match. Also, you can’t price match a new textbook at the store with a used book online. The Bookstore only price matches new-to-new, rental-to-rental or used-to-used book prices.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bookstore

There are several advantages to buying your textbooks at the UH Bookstore. For one thing, the Bookstore is conveniently located on campus. Also, the Bookstore works directly with UH faculty to make sure that it’s stocked with the books you need well before classes start. Whatever books you need for your classes, it’s pretty much a guarantee that the UH Bookstore will have them in stock.

Price matching graphicIf you don’t live on campus, you can order your textbooks online and pick them up in the store at your convenience. Or you can have them shipped to you directly at a flat rate. With the added convenience of price matching, students can make sure they’re getting the books they need when they need them for the best possible price. And if you need some extra financial assistance in buying your textbooks, you can apply for a textbook loan.

To learn more about the UH Bookstore’s price-matching policy, visit the UH Bookstore website. Those with specific questions about the policy can contact the Bookstore at 713-748-0923. Students can also download the Bookstore app (available at the App Store or Google Play) to stay in the know about discounts, events and promotions on textbooks and UH merchandise. As an added incentive, those who download the app will receive an instant 25 percent off of all apparel.


posted: Wednesday, July 19, 2017