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Past Events

Hanadi RifaiProfessor Rosa Deves Lecture as part of the STEM in the Americas Speaker Series
April 26, 2016

Professor Rosa Deves will speak on "Science: the Freedom to Question and Search as a Right for All." Professor Rosa Devés graduated in Biochemistry from Universidad de Chile, received a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario and did postdoctoral studies at the University of Southern California. Alongside her academic career at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, she has been engaged in the improvement of science education at the schools, mainly through the establishment of an Inquiry based Science Education Program. She has served as Graduate Director, Pro-rector and is currently Vice-President of Academic Affairs of the University leading an equity and inclusion initiative. She is a member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences.

Fueling Innovation Through Transformation (FITT)
March 25, 2016

All UH tenured and tenure-track faculty were invited to the Fueling Innovation Through Transformation (FITT@UH) event, which was designed to provide an interactive, skillfully facilitated forum for attendees to have engaged discussions and a shared learning experience culminating in the generation of three grand challenge ideas for transforming the UH faculty’s Climate, Career, and Work-Life Integration. Bold ideas and approaches selected by faculty will be candidates for institutional implementation.

The event program included a keynote presentation from Dr. Ellen Ochoa, astronaut and director of the Johnson Space Center, formation of “Affinity Groups” around topics of interest, and continued discussions post event that would inform ADVANCE and other faculty career development initiatives.

Several of ADVANCE's External Advisory Board members acted as facilitators for this event:

This event was hosted by President Renu Khator, principal investigator for the Center for ADVANCING Faculty Success and Provost Paula Myrick Short, director for the Center for ADVANCING Faculty Success.

Managing Dual Careers: Work-Life Integration in a 24/7 World presented by Dr. Eve Sprunt
February 5, 2016

While it is obvious that more women are working in many occupations, the transition from a workforce largely composed of dominant earners to a workforce with many dual career couples has also occurred. To move beyond anecdotes about issues facing dual career couples, Dr. Eve Sprunt instigated professional society surveys to gather data on the changing workforce. Over 10,000 responses were gathered in three Society of Petroleum Engineers surveys and a Society of Exploration Geophysicists survey.

Dr. Eve Sprunt received her BS and MS from MIT in Earth and Planetary Sciences and was the first woman to receive a PhD in Geophysics from Stanford. Over the course of her career, she applied her training as a research scientist to a wide range of topics. When she wanted to show how evolving lifestyles were altering the priorites of the workforce, she realized that her ability to collect and analyze data was transferrable to social sciences. Praeger will be publishing her book, A Guide for Dual-Career Couples: Rewriting the Rules in June 2016.

Annual Presidential Career Symposium
February 4, 2016

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Presidential Career Symposium, and to the Texas Medical Center. We’re pleased to be a sponsor of this important annual event that shares Baylor College of Medicine’s goal of preparing graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to attain positions of leadership in education, research, and the community of science locally and globally. We understand that there is more to your graduate education than working in the lab, and at this symposium you’ll find sessions that cover topics such as scientific writing, interviewing skills and job searches, entrepreneurship and start-ups, and much more. At Baylor and in the Texas Medical Center, we believe that collaboration and multidisciplinary partnerships are the hallmarks of contemporary science, and the symposium underscores this by offering you the opportunity to network with your peers and with leaders from the TMC. We hope you enjoy the symposium and offer our congratulations on your accomplishments to date – and for those to come in the future.

ARN Postdoc Event at UT-Rio Grande Valley
January 14-15, 2016

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and the ADVANCE Regional Network (ARN) hosted a Post-Doctorate Workshop and Job Fair to help recruit women postdocs in STEM-related fields into faculty positions within the ARN network of universities. Eight women traveled from their respective fellowships at University of Houston, and during their visit, university program representatives met with them to talk about the opportunities available in a variety of STEM programs and job openings at UTRGV. The visiting postdocs also participated in a STEM workshop designed to provide helpful advice on effective teaching practices.

MuMMI: A Model in Infrastructure for Exploring Power and Execution Time Tradeoffs presented by Dr. Valerie Taylor
November 12, 2015

MuMMI (Multiple Metrics Modeling Infrastructure) is an infrastructure that facilitates the measurement and modeling of performance and power for large-scale parallel applications. MuMMI builds upon three existing tools: Prophesy for performance modeling and prediction of parallel applications, PAPI for hardware performance counter monitoring, and PowerPack for power measurement and profiling. The MuMMI framework develops models of runtime and power based upon performance counters; these models are used to explore tradeoffs and identify methods for improving energy efficiency. In this talk we will describe the MuMMI framework and present examples of the use of MuMMI to improve the energy efficiency of parallel applications.

Dr. Taylor will discuss her research expertise in high performance computing, specifically in the area of MuMMI (Multiple Metrics Modeling Infrastructure). As a successful researcher and administrative leader, Dr. Taylor will also discuss issues and opportunities for women of color in STEM.

ADVANCING Faculty Success Luncheon hosted by Provost Paula Myrick Short
November 11, 2015

STEM in the Americas Speaker Series: “Women in academia, consulting and government: are we becoming a competitive threat or is there a market failure?” presented by Dr. Elisa V. Mariscal
November 9, 2015

Dr. Elisa V. Mariscal  is the Managing director, Global Economics Group, director, Market Platform Dynamics, member, Expert Advisory Council, Instituto Federal de Telecommunicaciones (Mexico)

ADVANCE Advocate Meeting
November 3, 2015

Departmental Mentoring Program
October 20, 2015

STEM Chairs Lunch and Learn
October 15, 2015

UH Postdoc Appreciation Event
September 25, 2015

Dr. Paula Myrick Short, Provost and Director of the Center for ADVANCING UH Faculty Success, invites all UH postdocs to join her for coffee, cookies, and conversation to celebrate National Postdoc Appreciation Week.

Departmental Mentoring Program
September 8, 2015

Dr. Cristina Villalobos Lecture as part of the STEM in the Americas Speaker Series
November 5, 2014

Dr. Cristina Villalobos, Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Center of Excellence in STEM Education at the University of Texas Pan American. She delivered a speech about her research on “Optimal Control in the Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa,” and her role as the director of UTPA’s Center of Excellence in STEM Education, which was created from a $3.7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense.

The STEM in the Americas Speaker Series, co-curated and co-sponsored by the Center for the Americas brings to campus each semester a woman professor from one of the STEM disciplines to talk about her research and ways to increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, social and behavioral sciences. 

ADVANCE Kick-off: Dr. Ruth Simmons
October 21, 2014

Brown University President Emerita Ruth Simmons provided several recommendations for how a university can address gender and diversity issues at the Oct. 21 kickoff event for the new Center for ADVANCING UH Faculty Success. A humanist with a doctorate in romance languages, Dr. Simmons inaugurated the first engineering program at a U.S. women’s college when she was president of Smith College prior to her appointment at Brown University. She effectively built the case for why and how universities must work harder to achieve gender equity and diversity parity.