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Counselors and the Community

These resources are designed for high school counselors, college advisors and community members.

Counselor Updates

Each fall, we have Counselor Updates around Texas. The events usually take place during September and October. Once the dates have been set, you will be able to view them here.

For those of you who were able to attend our fall Counselor Updates, you will recognize our Counselor Guidebook. This publication is a great resource for everything UH!

Cougar Travel

Cougar Travel is a three day event for high school counselor and college advisors that takes place every March.  During Cougar Travel, counselors will meet UH faculty and staff, hear from colleges and other departments, and see the campus over the course of three days.

Counselor Visit Schedule

See where the UH Freshman Admissions Counselors will be this month by checking their Freshman Counselor Visit Schedule.

See where the UH Transfer Admissions Counselors will be this month by checking their Transfer Counselor Visit Schedule.

Group Tours

We love to show off our campus, and with over $200 million in recent improvements, it is even better than ever.  If you would like to bring your students on a Group Tour, we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

K-8 Resources

Kids2College provides a teacher’s guide and full curriculum designed for low-income and minority sixth grade students.  The University of Houston welcomes Kids2College students to the UH campus every year!

College Board created an action plan for students at the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior levels of high school.  Each phase has suggestions to prepare the student for the college application process.