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Why UH?

Because you will have opportunity to learn and conduct top-level research with leading scholars. Because our tuition rates afford you a top quality education, and our scholarships and assistantships are generous. And because UH is one of the most ethnically diverse research university in the United States. In fact, the reasons to choose UH are as diverse as the individuals on campus. Here are a few more:

Outstanding academics
Choose from more than 100 undergraduate programs and 200 graduate programs of study, several of which rank among the nation’s best. Across the disciplines, Houston faculty win awards, earn international acclaim and work closely with students as individuals.

An unbeatable location
Take on an internship at the largest medical center in the world, or learn about the energy industry first-hand: professional opportunities are around every corner in Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city and a hub of international business. (It’s a fun place to live, too!)

Leading-edge research
We conduct research in most academic departments and across disciplinary boundaries. Even as an undergraduate, you may have opportunity to work closely with world-class researchers, making significant discoveries and contributing to the body of knowledge in your field.

A great future
UH graduates are CEOs, astronauts, judges, educators, Olympic athletes, actors, artists, and more. Across the world, UH alumni are fulfilling their dreams and making things happen. The University of Houston can help make things happen for you too.