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Costs & Financial Support

Estimated Costs

For specific information on the breakdown for international undergraduate tuition and fees or to calculate your international undergraduate tuition and fees, please see Tuition and Fees.

Scholarships for International Students

There are many scholarships opportunities for international students that demonstrate academic excellence and leadership. To review the scholarships options for international students, please see the following links below:

Residency Requirements and In-State Tuition

Generally, students holding F-1 visas are not eligible to be considered Texas residents for tuition purposes. For additional information on residency requirements for international students, please see the General Residency Guidelines.


INS rarely authorizes off-campus employment, and there are few jobs available on campus. Therefore, a financial sponsor is needed to finance your education. Please note that F-2 students are not eligible for employment. International Student Scholar Services Office has more information on employment for international students.


Colleges and departments at the University offer various types of fellowships for graduate students. Contact your perspective graduate college or department about qualifications to obtain a fellowship.