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Transfer Guidelines

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The following Transfer Guides use the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) numbers and the UH equivalent. Please choose from the lists to make your transfer to UH as simple as possible. All Texas State schools are required to have equivalency information available. If your school does not use the TCCNS, contact them for the equivalent numbers.

Please Note the Following:

  • Some degrees require specific core courses. Please see current UH catalog for complete information on degree requirements.
  • Students who currently attend UH should refer to their departmental advisor BEFORE taking courses at another college.
  • A minimum of 15 college-level (non-developmental or remedial) hours and a grade point average of 2.5 are required to transfer to the University of Houston. Students with 30 or more college-level hours are required to have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 to transfer to the University of Houston.
  • Texas law states that a “core” course at any Texas state-funded college or university will transfer as “core” to any other Texas state-funded college or university. However, an institution receiving a student in transfer is not required to accept component core course semester credit hours beyond the maximum specified in a core component area.  Students should seek academic advising when transferring courses among institutions.
  • Core Complete Status will be granted to students with an official transcript from a Texas state-funded college or university stating that the core was completed at that school.
  • To complete a bachelor's degree at UH, you are required to complete your last 30 hours of coursework at UH.
  • A maximum of 66 credit hours will transfer from all 2-year schools to the University of Houston.

Understanding Your Transfer Guide

  1. These transfer guides are to be used by students who eventually plan to transfer to the University of Houston. They will allow students to take as many courses as they can (or wish) prior to transferring. Refer to the online Transfer Equivalency Guide to verify any updates or changes that may be made during the semester. If you currently attend UH, you should check with your departmental advisor before taking classes at another college.
  2. The minimum hours required to transfer to UH is 15 college-level (nondevelopmental/remedial) hours. The maximum amount of hours (grades C - or better) from a 2-year school that will apply to a bachelor’s degree is 66 hours. There is no limit on upper-level hours from a 4-year school.
  3. You should print one core curriculum sheet and the transfer guide for the major that you intend to pursue.

Things to Note When Reading the Transfer Guides (TG)

  • If you have chosen a major, then the major sheet should be your primary source of information. The core sheet is used as a secondary resource when the Transfer Guide states, “Choose ONE course from the core approved list.” The list is found on the core sheet itself.
  • If you have not chosen a major, the core curriculum sheet can be used to complete the basic core requirements that are not specific to a major. To do so, choose the correct amount of hours for each section listed on the core sheet.
  • The left hand side of the major sheet reflects the core requirements. It also will show the preferred core classes for your major.
  • The right hand side shows the major course requirements that can be taken at the community college and transferred to UH.
  • Make sure that you also look at the bottom of your Transfer Guide for any notes that are specific to your major. Please contact us if you have questions.