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Hearing and Vision Impairment

  1. Diagnostic Information: A diagnosis of hearing and/or Vision Impairment. A description of how the diagnosis was determined. Information obtained through clinical and diagnostic interviews should be included. Documentation must have been completed within 36 months prior to the request for academic accommodations. The Certificate of Deafness or the Certificate of Blindness from the state of Texas. The University reserves the right to request additional documentation as appropriate.
  2. Clinical Assessment: In addition to a thorough clinical interview, documentation will ideally include the following information:
    • Thorough medical history,
    • Family history,
    • or educational history
  3. Assistive Technology: hearing aids, FM Loop system, portable CCTV, and seeing-eye dog with appropriate documentation
  4. Functional Limitations: Documentation should indicate any functional limitations caused by the disorder, and whether the limitations are temporary or long-standing.
  5. Accommodation Recommendations: Specific recommendations for academic accommodations for the functional limitations evaluated should be included.
  6. Evaluator Qualifications: Documentation should include a thorough clinical and diagnostic interview conducted by a licensed Audiologist or Optometrist. Reports should be typed, dated, signed, and printed on professional letterhead.