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Final Exam Schedules

Spring 2024 Final Exam Schedule

The Spring 2024 final exam schedule was developed by the Office of the University Registrar and approved by the University of Houston Academic Calendar Committee as well as the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. 

Exam Time/Location 

  • Each exam will have a 2-hour time block which includes 1 hour and 45 minutes testing time and 15 minutes passing time. All final exams will begin at the start time indicated on the final exam schedule and end at least 15 minutes prior to the next scheduled final exam time. For example, exams beginning at 8:00 am will end no later than 9:45 am to allow students passing time for their next exam.
  • Instructors may submit a request for an exception to the 2-hour final exam period. The exception request requires a strong rationale and is subject to college and provost office approval. The deadline to submit an exception request is the Wednesday before the first day of the long session. For example, the first day of Spring 2024 is 01/16/2024 - the deadline to submit a 2-hour exception request is 01/10/2024.
  • A class that meets once a week for an extended period of time that overlaps two or more regular class periods will have its examination at the time scheduled for class meetings during the earliest of the overlapped periods. For example, a class meeting on Friday from 8 am-11 am overlaps three regular class periods on a Monday/Wednesday meeting pattern: 8 am-9 am, 9 am-10 am, and 10 am-11 am. The class will follow the final exam assignment for the MWF 8 am-9 am block, with the final exam occurring Friday, May 3rd, 8 am-10 am.
  • Saturday classes during session 1 will have their final exam on the last day of class, which is the 15th class meeting.
  • All final exams will be held in the rooms where classes are regularly scheduled unless otherwise noted. It is recommended that students confirm final exam times/locations with their instructors.

Schedule Coverage

Final exam dates and times in the schedule apply to all University of Houston undergraduate and graduate courses (including the University of Houston at Sugar Land and the University of Houston at Katy) with assigned class meeting days/times except those offered by the UH Law Center and College of Medicine.

  • Courses without an assigned class meeting day, time, and location do not have a scheduled final exam day and time.
  • Law students should check with the Law Center Office of Student Services for information regarding final exam days, times, and locations.
  • Medical students should check with the College of Medicine for information regarding final exam days, times, and locations.

Final Exam Period

Final exams will be administered according to the Spring 2024 final exam schedule from Wednesday, May 1st to Tuesday, May 7th. If given, final exams must occur on the days and times indicated on the final exam schedule. Per University policy, there will be no class meetings other than for final exam purposes after Monday, April 29th.

Exam Conflict

Every effort is made to minimize exam conflicts in developing the final exam schedule. If students have two or more final exams scheduled during the same day and time, or more than 3 exams on the same day, the following process has been established to eliminate the conflict:

  • Students may report conflicts and request resolution beginning on March 4, 2024. The deadline to report final exam conflicts is Monday, April 8, 2024.
  • In the event of an exam conflict, students should complete the Final Exam Conflict form.
  • In resolving exam conflicts, courses with higher numbers will be given priority in retaining the originally scheduled exam day/time for students with conflicts. For example, if a student is enrolled in both ACCT 2301 and CHEM 1301, which are scheduled on the same day at the same time, the student will take the ACCT 2301 exam as indicated on the final exam schedule, and the CHEM 1301 exam will be rescheduled.
  • The Office of the University Registrar will communicate rescheduled exam days, times, and locations to students and course instructors.

Students with Disabilities

DEPARTMENTAL – Spring 2024

All classes in the following areas will have examinations as listed in rooms to be announced by each instructor.
Exam Day, Date, and Time

Class Wed., May 1 Thurs., May 2
ACCT 2301 8–10 am
ACCT 2302 10 am–12 pm
ACCT 3366 12–2 pm
ACCT 3367 2–4 pm
ACCT 3368 4–6 pm
ARAB 1501, 1502 6–8 pm
BIOL 1306, 1307 (See Note**) 10 am–12 pm
ENGI 1331 8–10 am
CHEE 2331, ECE 3331 10 am–12 pm
CHEM 1305, 1311, 1312 12-2 pm
CHEM 2323, 2325 8–10 am
CIS 4365 10 am–12 pm
COSC 1336 12–2 pm
ECE 3340, 3436 2–4 pm
ECE 2201, 2202, 3355, 3456 4–6 pm
FREN 1501, 1502, 2311, 2312 6–8 pm
GERM 1501, 1502, 2311, 2312 8–10 pm
ITAL 1501, 1502, 2311, 2312 8–10 am
MIS 3370 10 am–12 pm
PHYS 1301, 1302 12–2 pm
SPAN 1501, 1502, 1505, 2311, 2312 2–4 pm

Note: Law students should check with the College of Law Student Services Center for information regarding final exam days and times.
**Note: Typically, BIOL 1306 is only taught in the Fall, and BIOL 1307 is only taught in the Spring. 

Spring 2024 Final Exams

Exam Day, Date, and Time
Class Time Days Thur., May 2 Fri., May 3 Sat., May 4 Mon., May 6 Tues., May 07
7–8 am MWF
8-10 am
8–9 am MWF 8-10 am
9–10 am MWF 10 am-12 pm
10–11 am MWF 10 am-12 pm
11 am-Noon MWF 12-2 pm
Noon–1 pm MWF 12-2 pm
1–2 pm MWF 2-4 pm
2–3 pm MWF 2-4 pm
3–4 pm MWF 4-6 pm
4–5 pm MWF 4-6 pm
5–6 pm MWF 6-8 pm
6– 7 pm MWF 6-8 pm
7–8 pm MWF 8-10 pm
8–9 pm MWF 8-10 pm
1–2:30 pm MW 12-2 pm
2:30–4 pm MW 2-4 pm
4–5:30 pm MW 4-6 pm
5:30–7 pm MW 6-8 pm
7–8:30 pm MW 6-8 pm
8:30–10 pm MW 8-10 pm
7–8:30 am TTh 8-10 am
8:30–10 am TTh 8-10 am
10–11:30 am TTh 10 am-12 pm
11:30 am–1 pm TTh 12-2 pm
1–2:30 pm TTh 2-4 pm
2:30–4 pm TTh 2-4 pm
4–5:30 pm TTh 4-6 pm
5:30–7 pm TTh 4-6 pm
7–8:30 pm TTh 6-8 pm
8:30–10 pm TTh 8-10 pm
All Saturday Classes
Sat Same Time/Room
as Class Meeting/Hybrid Exams Day

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