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Enrollment Schedule

Spring 2021

Enrollment Appointments and Open Enrollment for Spring 2021

  Student Classification

 Enrollment by App

 Open Enrollment Begins

 Graduate/Optometry/Pharmacy  Saturday, November 14  Sunday, November 15
 Law (first cohort)*  Monday, November 16  Thursday, November 19
 Law (second cohort)*  Tuesday, November 17  Thursday, November 19
 Law (third cohort)*  Wednesday, November 18  Thursday, November 19
 Senior/Post-Baccalaureate  Monday, November 16  Friday, November 20
 Junior  Tuesday, November 17  Friday, November 20
 Sophomore  Wednesday, November 18  Friday, November 20
 Freshman  Thursday, November 19  Friday, November 20











*Contact your Law College Advisor for details.